While reading I was able to pick out the theme of nature vs nurture. Both Wes Moore’s lived in similar cities, came from single parent homes, and faced similar issues in their childhood. What made one of them turn out to be a criminal and the other an Oxford graduate? This is where the theme comes in. The author Wes had a mother who was determined to see success in her children and was able to guide them into the right direction, while criminal Wes’ mother tried to set an example but wasn’t hard on him to get his life in order. 


I believe the aspect of nature played a large part on criminal Wes’ life as he had his mother and brother telling him to choose a good path in life but he chose not to take it. There must’ve been something inside of Wes that conveyed him to become a criminal or to be just like his brother from a young age. He had some support in his community to stay on the right path but he ignored it. 


Author Wes had both good and bad influences in his community and he chose to take the good. He could’ve decided that he didn’t want to work hard and he could’ve made the decision to let the bad influences be the dominate ones. Like other Wes he had something within him that lead to him taking the good path and becoming successful. This was the nature of Wes Moore. 


The hereditary drive for success from both his mother and father was passed down to author Wes. Thus making him more successful.